Ohio teens suspended after school bus ‘gas’ attack

Two 13-year-old Ohio teens lost their school bus privileges for a day after Canal Winchester Middle School officials cited the youths for “obscene gestures” after both passed gas on the bus. According to The Columbus Dispatch, the bus driver had warned the boys weeks before about their surprise gas attacks. Deemed repeat offenders, the youths were suspended for one day.

When James Nichols, parent of one of the 13-year-olds, got wind of the suspension, he was told his son “should hold his gas on this hour-long bus ride, if in fact he has gas.” Nichols questioned the obscene gesture charge, saying he would not call his son an angel but he is not a bad kid or rampant rule breaker either. Proving that flatulence may be a unique family trait, Nichols’ wife was especially upset at the suspension, claiming she is a sufferer of gastro-intestinal issues and was recently hospitalized for the condition. Officials say if there is a repeat pungent performance the youths could face a week’s detention. For more, visit www.dispatch.com.