The answer is in the box

Crisis management guidance is now available step-by-step

“A bus operator could easily become the face of the industry if something bad should happen,” writes Media Consultant Group President & CEO Eron Shosteck in the introduction of the company’s new 20-page step-by-step guide, Crisis Management In A Box. “An operator must know to use the attention as a chance to show how much the company is doing for safety, as opposed to letting those who know so little about buses and coaches set the tone in distorted terms.”

Responsible bus operators frustrated and concerned about the long-term effects the recent spate of illegal motorcoach mercenary crashes could have on their companies now have available to them a special toolkit created to help them prepare for, navigate, and ultimately emerge triumphant from the situation with the new Crisis Management In A Box toolkit has the right tool at the right time to empower operators with the strategies they need. Tactics include how to approach direct crises vs. indirect crises; how and when to engage the media; a 100-question checklist operators should have the answers for within reach at all times; how to turn ambushes into opportunities to showcase your company’s operations; and tips to help operators combat bus safety distortions to protect their companies’ reputations and reassure their customers.

“The current crisis regarding the perception of bus safety is so widespread and overheated that every operator is likely to be affected if they do not take some kind of corrective action,” says Shosteck. “There is no performance metric to measure the possible effects that the erosion of consumer confidence in bus travel could ultimately have. Left unaddressed, however, it could damage the bottom line of bus operators throughout North America irreparably.”

Shosteck authored the step-by-step crisis management guide in response to calls he received from operators requesting it. It also includes information for companies on the importance of building media relationships to establish clear lines of communication.

The Media Consultant Group is also offering on-site media training, crisis mitigation exercises and mock press drills in response to operator requests. For more information, visit BR