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BoltBus expanding to West Coast this month

BoltBus, which has become a staple on the East Coast for millions of passengers, is expanding to the West Coast.

Washington Cease Fire bus ads spark controversy

New ads asking you to think twice about gun ownership are showing up on Metro buses in Seattle, and some people say the ads violate everyone’s Second Amendment rights.

Carless in Seattle

Carla Saulter and her husband, Adam, do not own vehicles. The family has been car-free for nearly eight years.

APTA: Using transit equals holiday season savings

According to the APTA, using the transit system can save an individual nearly $800 a month and over $9,000 a year.

Report: Public transit saves thousands of dollars annually

According to the American Public Transportation Association (ATPA), its latest “Transit Savings Report” shows individuals save on average $9,381 annually by taking public transit.

The Murray Amendment saga continues

As you may have heard, U.S. Senator Patty Murray introduced language in an appropriations bill that prohibited the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) from enforcing the Charter Service Rule regarding King County Metro Transit in Seattle.