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More coaches hit the open road

New study from DePaul University notes strides in intercity bus systems.

The 2013 Best of BUSRide Awards

With the Best of BUSRide Awards, BUSRide devotes an issue to the bus industry’s best and brightest.

The family business turns 80

What Peter Pan Bus Lines is doing to stay ahead of the curve.

BUSRide Road Test: The 2013 MCI J4500 improves curb appeal

Peter Pan Bus Lines first to opt for stylistic and mechanical changes.

MCI introduces 2013 J4500 coach

MCI, Schaumburg, IL, debuted the 2013 model of its J4500 coach, touting improved safety features and new style changes.

Stefano makes ‘natural transition’ at Peter Pan

In mid-May Brian R. Stefano became the president and CFO of Peter Pan Bus Lines, marking the first time in the almost 80-year history of Peter Pan that a non-Picknelly family member will serve as the company’s president.

Stefano named new Peter Pan President and CEO

Peter Pan officials announced that Brian Stefano, who joined Peter Pan over two decades ago, became the company’s new President and Chief Financial Officer.

Bus crashes bring CVSA to the forefront

Deadly bus crashes this year have made news headlines, thrusting bus safety into the forefront. At the same time the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has been shoved into the limelight as well.

CVSA’s Keppler answers bus industry critics

Lately officials at the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance have been on the receiving end of harsh criticism by a number of motorcoach operators wanting the agency to crack down on unsafe rogue curbside carriers.

Peter Pan driver Joseph Anderson hits 3,000,000 miles

Joseph Anderson, a longtime driver for Peter Pan Bus Lines, Springfield, MA, who recently began his 37th year of employment with the company, achieved three million miles of accident-free driving. Three million miles translates to at least 36 consecutive years of driving without an accident; or the equivalent of 120 times around the world, and 12.6 trips to the moon without an accident.