Peter Pan driver Joseph Anderson hits 3,000,000 miles

Earns a berth in 2011 BUSRide Safe Driver Hall of Fame

Joseph Anderson recently began his 37th year of employment with Peter Pan Bus Lines, Springfield, MA.

Joseph Anderson, a longtime driver for Peter Pan Bus Lines, Springfield, MA, who recently began his 37th year of employment with the company, achieved three million miles of accident-free driving. Three million miles translates to at least 36 consecutive years of driving without an accident; or the equivalent of 120 times around the world, and 12.6 trips to the moon without an accident.

The company honored Anderson at its annual S.T.A.R. Awards in April. He will also earn a salute in an upcoming luncheon by his family, friends and co-workers and receive a proclamation from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, commending him for this distinction; Peter Pan will unveil a new coach with a special bus wrap to honor his driving record to attest to the public Anderson’s accomplishment — and Anderson earns his place in the 2011 BUSRide Safe Driver Hall of Fame, which will be announced in December.

Anderson is the fourth Peter Pan motorcoach operator to reach this milestone, sharing this distinction with Edward Hope, Robert Guistimbelli, and his brother, Everett Anderson, who completed his own three million miles of safe driving in 2008.  The Andersons are believed to be the only brothers to have achieved this mark. Both are still actively employed as motorcoach operators for Peter Pan in Springfield.

Peter Pan is the only company in New England able to boast of any three million mile drivers in its employ, never mind four.

The late Peter Pan Chairman, Peter L. Picknelly hired Anderson in 1974. The native of Alabama moved to Springfield in 1959.  Mr. Anderson after honorable service in the Army.  During his tenure with the company, he has received its highest honor, the Peter C. Picknelly Founder’s Award for excellence.

“Joe Anderson is one of the best of the best,” says Peter Pan President Peter A. Picknelly. “As one of our consistently most responsible, respected and dedicated drivers, he has received every award the company gives to our drivers.” BR

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  1. Congratulations and job well done. Thanks to wonderful diligent drivers like you, our customers can relax and have the vacation of a lifetime. A great driver makes trips better for both the customer and the escort. Thanks for your great work and all those super safe miles!!