Premier Alaska Tours purchases new Prevost H3-45s

Premier Alaska Tours, a receptive base transportation enterprise located in Anchorage, Alaska, works business-to-business with cruise lines and tour operators to design and manage travel programs and ground transportation throughout Alaska—all of which carry the brands of its commercial customers.

The company owns and operates 104 Prevost H3-45s exclusively. Its most recent acquisition of four 2019 Prevost H3-45’s, in addition to the four units delivered last December, tipped the scale of new versus older coaches within their fleet. Additionally, its four glass-domed rail cars travel between Anchorage and Fairbanks every day during the summer.

Premier Alaska Tours acquired its first 50 Prevost H3-45s in 2012 in a bulk purchase of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ entire coach fleet. With 35 coaches of their own at the time, owners, Peter Grundwalt and Tim Worthen have since worked steadily toward the goal of operating an all-Prevost fleet. According to company president, Josh Howes, Premier Alaska has routinely purchased eight new model Prevost H3-45s each year since 2013 in order to modernize the older fleet with new-model units, perfectly suited for its client tour companies and passengers with ample luggage bays and panoramic views through flush-mounted, frameless windows.

“We have found the H3-45 to be a solid coach in design and dependability,” said Howes. “To be honest, we don’t go in for many of the extras other than an occasional wheelchair lift.” Most recently, Premier Alaska Tours acquired the new 2019 H3-45’s which come standard with the Prevost Electric Fan Drive.

“Considering the region where we operate, we are very appreciative for the support we receive from the Prevost aftermarket team,” said Howes. “When it comes to working through the occasional bugs and issues that come up on the coaches, our Prevost techs are great to work with. They are very responsive and make regular visits to work with our team directly.”

Premier Alaska Tours also invites Prevost trainers to Anchorage once a year for a week of custom training with their entire maintenance team.

Six hundred employees represent Premier Alaska at facilities located in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Denali, Talkeeta and Seward. On behalf of its respective clients, the company builds the itineraries, mans the coaches, hires the onboard guides and contracts with the hotels and restaurants.

During the off-season, Premier Alaska Tours operates strictly as a chartered transportation company. Client services include school districts, military moves and the transportation of oil and natural gas employees over the treacherous ice roads to Alaska’s North Slope. where temperatures typically plummet to 40 and 50 degrees below zero.

Many of Premier Alaska Tours’ services create additional avenues for its clients to thoroughly experience Alaska off the beaten path. Additionally, the company takes tremendous pride in promoting Alaskan tourism and privately-owned businesses.