Phoenix Public Transit cuts Dial-A-Ride demand trips

The City of Phoenix, AZ, Public Transit Department announced it end will all same-day scheduled demand trips on its Phoenix Dial-a-Ride program as of August 26. The Phoenix City Council says this action is one of the budget balancing measures it was compelled to adopt. The Council says the required service cuts are the result of the elimination of approximately $9 million in Local Transportation Assistance Funds to balance the State of Arizona budget.

The changes to Dial-a-Ride service also coincide with reductions to fixed-route local bus, RAPID commuter service, and neighborhood circulator service. Phoenix Dial-a-Ride service will now only be available to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-certified passengers, and will require passengers to book from one to 14 days in advance.

Senior citizens and other passengers who may be eligible for ADA service should contact the Valley Metro ADA certification office. Phoenix Public Transit also provides a taxi subsidy program for Phoenix residents aged 65 and older. The program, Senior Cab, subsidizes cab trips through the use of taxi vouchers, where passengers pay a portion of the cost up-front, up to $12 for a total of $40 worth of taxi vouchers.