New Video Showcases What’s Next for Propane Autogas: Renewable Propane


In an effort to showcase the zero-emissions outlook of propane autogas, the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) unveiled a new video highlighting renewable propane: the energy source for fleets now and into the future.

“As the next generation of sustainability, renewable propane is an energy source that will play a critical role in caring for the environment,” said Steve Whaley, director of autogas business development at PERC. “Renewable propane has all the benefits of conventional propane autogas — it’s clean, affordable, and provides fleets with the same performance and reliability they’ve come to expect – but at the point of combustion, it’s carbon neutral.”

Renewable propane is a byproduct of the renewable diesel and jet fuel production process, which converts plant and vegetable oils, waste greases, and animal fat into fuel. Renewable propane has the same chemical structure and physical properties as conventional propane and can be used in any existing propane autogas engine.

Because it’s produced from renewable, raw materials, renewable propane has an even lower carbon intensity than conventional propane and is far cleaner than other energy sources. Renewable propane is already available, and many experts predict the entire worldwide demand can be met with renewable propane by 2040.

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