New Flyer announces Employee Engagement Committee under Anniston Workforce Development Program

New Flyer of America Inc. (New Flyer), a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc. (NFI), today announced the launch of an Employee Engagement Committee (EEC) – a local initiative spurred by New Flyer’s Community Benefits Framework (CBF) – as a direct outcome of commitments made under its Anniston Workforce Development Program.

The EEC aims to bolster inclusion and amplify employee voices and contribution. Cultivating an inclusive workplace is a significant driver for team and company success, but more importantly, helps to fulfill individual potential and career aspirations. As New Flyer looks toward the future, it embraces diversity is an advantage unlike any other. New Flyer’s EEC is an extension of acknowledging that open dialogue and feedback are essential to build and sustain workplace respect, engage in explicit appreciation for employee work product, and to foster team cohesion.

“We are proud of our Community Benefits Framework and will continue to put it to work as we aggressively pursue meaningful strides toward a more equitable workplace, that both empowers employees and their families to grow and adds value to our local economy,” said Herb Clark, New Flyer’s Vice President of Human Resources. “Our EEC is an integral part of our effort to increase employee visibility and satisfaction, and helps build space and value for every voice at the table. Together, we are fostering dialogue that matters.”

New Flyer’s EEC is comprised of a diverse group of employee representatives across departments, as well as volunteer employee participants who are fully engaged in committee meetings and activities. New Flyer recognizes that inclusion is a two-way street, and that employees who feel valued and heard are vital to achieving goals and improving team initiatives.

As New Flyer wades into the new year, it will continue striving for deliberate action in its diversity and inclusion efforts, and will look toward the Community Benefits Framework and EEC to provide valuable insight and feedback from in-house stakeholders – its hardworking team.

For 90 years, New Flyer has led the innovation of mass mobility and today supports growing North American cities with scalable clean mobility solutions with sustainable buses, technology, and infrastructure. It also operates the Vehicle Innovation Center, the first and only innovation lab of its kind dedicated to advancing bus and coach technology and providing workforce development on electric bus training, now available online. New Flyer has also developed automated bus technology to improve safety in public transit, with testing currently underway.