SFMTA first to offer all-door boarding

Beginning next week the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which operates Muni, will feature all-door boarding. Muni is the first transit system in the nation to offer all-door boarding on all buses and rail vehicles.

Under all-door boarding, customers with valid prepaid Proof of Payment may enter through any door of any Muni bus or streetcar. As the operator of one of the busiest transit systems in the U.S., the SFMTA has implemented all-door boarding to accelerate the boarding process and improve travel times for customers

Permitted rear-door boarding

Rear-door boarding is reserved for customers with valid prepaid Proof of Payment including:

  • Clipper® Card – Upon entry onto the vehicle, customers must tap their Clipper cards on the card readers adjacent to the doors. The card must have sufficient cash value, a valid pass or a valid transfer.
  • Limited Use Ticket – Limited Use Tickets are sold at ticket vending machines located at Muni Metro subway stations. Customers must tap their tickets on the card readers when entering Muni vehicles or when passing through a faregate at a Muni Metro subway station. The ticket must have a valid ride or a valid transfer.
  • Paper Pass – Acceptable paper passes include Lifeline Passes, Discount Passes (for youths, seniors and customers with disabilities), Visitor Passports, Cable Car Day Passes and CityPass booklets.
  • Transfer/Fare Receipt A transfer/fare receipt is valid for 90 minutes of travel after issuance. Customers may ride any bus, streetcar or Muni Metro train as long as they complete their trip within the time indicated on the transfer/fare receipt.

If the card reader beeps three times and displays a red light, the Clipper card or Limited Use Ticket does not have sufficient value. Customers should then proceed to the front of the vehicle to pay the cash fare and obtain a transfer/fare receipt from the Operator as Proof of Payment.