Granite Industries

milw-side-shot-editedGranite Industries is a manufacturing company located in Archbold, Ohio that specializes in scaffold, staging and seating.  Granite has built its reputation by manufacturing quality products that improve safety and productivity.  The Granite Bus Scaffold System provides secure and stable work platforms for bus maintenance.  The bus scaffold work platforms are designed to provide a semi-stationary structure around the bus.  Each work platform is packed full of safety conscious features such as toe boards, locking gates, guardrails, stairs with railings, expanded metal floors, and locking casters.  Toe boards are helpful in preventing tools and materials from falling to the ground.  The locking gates create transitions from section to section as well as creating a completely enclosed perimeter around the walkboard.  The stairs include a sturdy railing which provides a much safer option than traditional ladders for hauling tools and materials.  The walkboards can be made from either expanded metal or 5/8” plywood.

milwaukee-top-editedEach bus scaffold system is custom designed to ensure the shop gets exactly what they need.  This improves safety and productivity.  The system can be designed with removable sections for easy setup and storage.  The locking casters provide maximum versatility and movability while still able to lock into place.  The bus scaffolds are designed in house by our engineering department and then fabricated in our manufacturing plant.  Both of these are located in Archbold, OH, ensuring that every bus scaffold platform has the appropriate features and attention to detail.  The different steel components are all powder coated to provide a professional and lasting finish.

The work platforms can be a critical upgrade for any shop that is looking to reduce ladder liability and increase worker safety.  The many satisfied bus maintenance shops attest to the quality and improved worker protection.  Creating safer environments boosts worker confidence, lowers stress and improves productivity.  It decreases the chance of injury and shows a commitment to continually improving the safety of the shop.


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