Rel-Tek is a Pennsylvania firm specializing in the development and application of high performance, industrial hazardous gas detection systems.

Some of Rel-Tek’s unique technologies and features include:

1) Longer life sensors with demonstrated 8-10 year average life, eclipsing that of competitors’ sensors

2) Immunity from ethane interference — all too familiar with competitor’s frequent false alarms

3) High-speed data acquisition system capable of acquiring, analyzing and processing 120 sensors per second – indeed, real time gas alarm response.  No waiting minutes to react to a gas event

4) Modular system architecture with LAN network options, distributed intelligence, touch-screen remote stations, error free telemetry, and off-site access.  Expand your system anytime, with no obsolescence

5) Intrinsic safety approvals — rather than explosion proof.  IS provides enhanced safety plus easier installation and maintenance.  No need to declassify your site (remove vehicles) for system maintenance

6) Fully automatic sensor calibration – a huge benefit to owners — paying back saving in labor and supplies every month.  Dividends can exceed the total cost of the original installed system in just 5-10 years

7) Service assistance is just one phone call away.  Rel-Tek manufactures all of its system components,  including software, and can readily service everything it sells.  There is never any third-party supplier to complicate service and warranty

8) Rel-Tek affiliates can install a GDS on your site. Rel-Tek engineers provide acceptance testing to your satisfaction and employee training

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