BayNets sliding net systems add an enhanced level of safety to any vehicle service facility by protecting personnel from injury caused by accidental tripping, slipping or walking into an open pit.

The BayNets safety system was developed to fill the need for fall protection and not as a replacement to safety training – the first line of defense for any vehicle service center.

Service bay safety depends on continual safety awareness and safe practice, but second and just as important are the methods used for hazard prevention and hazard protection.

Those who work near an open floor pit, or who are in danger of crossing an open floor pit must be safe from such hazards with the installation of a vertical fall prevention barrier or where not practical, a fall protection system installed over the service pit. This can be a removable or retractable hard cover, or for BayNets, an impact absorbing safety net.

The practical application of a BayNets safety system is how well it integrates with the safety training of the shop. The safety system is easy to learn and is easy to use. There is no maintenance other than periodic system inspection. Because the safety cover is made of synthetic netting; sight, sound and ventilation is maintained at all times.

The BayNets load bearing net will safely absorb the impact of personnel, tools and material that may accidently fall into an otherwise unprotected floor opening.

The safety net slides on two parallel guide cables that run the length of the bay. Access is from either end by simply siding the net open. Two nets may be used end to end within one pit to provide greater length for bus and rail and for added versatility within the service pit.

BayNets is easy to install and because it is custom made, the system is adaptable to virtually all commercial bus, rail, and vehicle service centers.

BayNets meet the employer’s requirement to protect employees from falls within walking and work service areas; OSHA 1910.22(c) and General Duty Clause Section 5(a)(1) for an employee safe working environment.

• Installed BayNets Safety Systems have a tensile strength of over 2 tons

• Non-snag net glides open and closed from either end of the bay

• BayNets is custom made to meet your service bay requirements including pits of any shape, size or operating configuration