ETA Transit Announces Start of 2020 Transit Survey Effort

ETA Transit recently announced the start of its annual transit survey initiative. Now in its fifth year, the survey polls thousands of transit professionals and riders across the country on current topics and challenges that face the industry.

The results of the survey are released to the transit industry every December in the form of engaging infographic posters with easy to digest statistics. These posters are free to download from ETA’s website, email, and social media platforms.

“We started this survey to help better understand the dynamics that drove decision making in the public transit arena,” said CEO Nicole Castonguay. “It has been rewarding to see this effort embraced so overwhelmingly by the industry. It is not uncommon for us to sit down with a transit operator and have him quote stats from our survey as justification for changes the agency is making. That the survey is proving influential and provides reliable information to those who need it is exactly the response we hope to elicit.”

The survey effort will run through November, with the full survey available at the following URL: .

A series of rider-focused surveys are also provided each week for transit operations to share with their customers. The results of this survey often highlight the differences between what riders want and what agencies provide. The rider survey may be accessed at the following URL: and transit operators are encouraged to provide this link to passengers in the manner they see fit.

Transit professionals are encouraged to follow ETA Transit on its social media platforms to ensure access to the surveys and year-end results.

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About ETA Transit

ETA Transit specializes in intelligent transit tracking technology, integrated passenger counting, traveler information systems, and rich media displays for public transit agencies, airport parking operations, railways, universities, and private shuttle operations across the United States. For more information, visit, email, or call (800) 382-0917.