Cincinnati Metro introduces 19 new buses into service

Cincinnati Metro riders will get their first look at the agency’s new buses this week as 19 new 2000 series buses roll into service.

Each bus features rider-requested amenities like Wi-Fi, convenient on-board charging ports for electronic devices and new vinyl seats offering a more secure seating position for passengers. The buses also provide more accessible stop request buttons for passengers in wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

New safety features include more visible rear center brake lights and new side cornering lights to alert pedestrians when a bus is turning. Each bus also features customer-facing screens that will broadcast a live feed of Metro’s on-board security cameras, an enhancement that promotes customer safety and security on board.

“We’re excited about the many improvements we’ve been able to offer our customers, including a new app that lets you plan, pay and track your trip in real-time, the addition of more benches and shelters at stops, and a new transit center opening next month,” said Metro CEO & General Manager Darryl Haley. “These new buses are just one of the many ways we are continuously working to provide a more modern, convenient, safe and enjoyable experience to our riders every trip, every day.”

The 19 new buses placed into service this month were purchased with the aid of $9.5 million in federal grants. Ten more 2000 series buses are expected to be added to Metro’s fleet by the end of the year. The approximate cost to replace a 40-foot bus is just more than $500,000. Metro relies primarily on grants to fund its bus replacement program.

Cincinnati Metro is a non-profit, tax-funded public service of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, providing about 13.5 million rides per year. Learn more about Metro at