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What operators need to know about Lumen ratings

Understanding the difference between raw and effective output is critical By Ryan Mayrand In LED lighting technology, Lumens are the standard unit of measure used to describe how well a light source will illuminate objects. Because operators typically rely on output to evaluate LED lights, many manufacturers prominently tout high lumen numbers on product literature. […]

IC Bus implements commodity surcharge

Blaming rising commodity prices, Navistar’s IC Bus has implemented a commodity surcharge on all its buses, beginning Sept. 15.

Paper: NHTSA undercounted motorcoach deaths

According to USA Today, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has undercounted the number of motorcoach fatalities.

Daimler launches the new Citaro

By Doug Jack Having built nearly 35,000 versions of its popular Citaro city bus range since 1998, Mercedes-Benz raised the bar with its launch of the new generation Citaro in May from Mannheim, Germany. Before I go any further, let me clear up possible confusion about brands. The parent company is Daimler AG, of which […]

Customers have Prevost in their hands

With new mobile apps technology now in the hands of Prevost customers wherever they are, the Canadian-based coachbuilder has planted itself firmly in the 21st Century.

Gallup poll fails to recognize the motorcoach

A recently released poll from Gallup, the widely respected public opinion research firm, surveyed fuel prices and the effects of the increased costs but failed to ask a single question about motorcoach travel. With fuel prices approaching $5 per gallon in some areas, exceeding the more than $4 per gallon threshold that stung motorists in […]

APTA EXPO 2011 is a must-do

What exactly can a private motorcoach operator expect to gain by attending the world’s largest trade show for public transportation?

MCI Commuter Coaches headed for Los Angeles

With its order for 84 40-foot CNG-powered MCI Commuter Coaches, Motor Coach Industries (MCI), Schaumburg, IL, is now an ally of the City of Los Angeles, CA in its continuing effort to improve air quality.

A vintage tour bus comes home

Tour operator restoring 1920 bus By Glenn Swain Restoring a vintage 1920s tour bus has become a labor of love for Herman Jones, owner of Mount Rushmore Tours in Rapid City, South Dakota. Jones first had the idea to restore an old bus back in 1970. Through the years Jones had refurbished a 1932 Ford […]

FMCSA shuts down Georgia bus company

Doraville, GA-based H & W Tour, Inc. has been ordered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to immediately cease all intrastate and interstate passenger service.