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New phase of MTA’s CharmCard begins Monday

On Monday, Maryland Transit customers with permanent disabilities will begin taking advantage of the next phase of its CharmCard program.

RouteMatch Software acquires RouteShout

Atlanta-based RouteMatch has acquired RouteShout, an award-winning Traveler Information Systems product.

San Diego Transit District selects ALC for paratransit service

The San Diego area’s North County Transit District (NCTD) has chosen American Logistics Company (ALC) to operate the agency’s LIFT ADA Paratransit Service.

Capitol MetroRail garners healthy honor

Austin, TX-based Capitol MetroRail has been named the healthiest employers in central Texas by the Austin Business Journal.

Innovative vehicles bridge the paratransit gap

Paratransit is the difference between being homebound or institutionalized and being able to live independently.

Driving Excellence: The Five Pillars

Seven years ago the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority, Rochester, NY, was essentially in the tank. Facing a $27.7 million deficit, the inevitable threats of layoffs, service cuts and increased fares cast pallor over the organization like the sulfurous stench from Mordor, just thinking back on Lord of the Rings.

Like Frodo, the onus to set it right once and for all fell to the new CEO, Mark Aesch. His complete telling of his quest unfolds in his recently published book, Driving Excellence. It is every bit as harrowing and uplifting as the Hobbits’ adventure.

Family pride in every ride

Kobussen Trailways has been a family affair since 1938. The current owner Dan Kobussen, whose grandfather, Elwood Kobussen, founded the company, believes it is important to have family involved in the company. He says the Kaukauna Board of Education originally chose Elwood, also known as “Grandpa Goldie,” to transport out-of-town students to and from Kaukauna High School. announces new options in North America

Brian Souter, chief executive officer of Stagecoach Group, Perth, UK, says he is more excited about the prospects for

Gale Ellsworth looks to the future

Trailways president and CEO discusses the driving forces that have seen the transportation company through 75 hard-fought and successful years.

The RIDE opens in The Big Apple

Visitors to New York City are enjoying a new experience called THE RIDE.