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Are We Really Achieving Equal Access for All? BUSRide spoke with industry thought leaders about the present state of accessibility – and where there are opportunities for innovation in the future. Dave Brown – president – MobilityTRANS Bill and Norma Niederhofer – owners – Lone Star Handicap Vans Ryan Lamb – regional sales manager, commercial bus […]


UTA secures its services with Safety Vision By Richard Tackett A rail fleet as big as the Utah Transit Authority’s (UTA) requires constant oversight. The agency’s TRAX light-rail system and its FrontRunner heavy-rail service combined to provide over 1.8 million rides in January 2018 alone, making the system susceptive to onboard incidents. Despite this, the […]

Are you really willing to make accessible public transit sustainable for the long term?

By Jeff Zarr The transit space is facing higher paratransit costs, an aging population that will increase the number of paratransit riders in the coming years, a decline in fixed route ridership, all while fighting steady traffic congestion. This is not sustainable. The industry needs to transition from its current structure The U.S. has an […]


Creating New Revenue Streams with Fare Collection For this important discussion on fare collection best practices with a focus on revenue, BUSRide spoke with the following experts: Darren Dickson – president – Genfare Michael Primeaux – global head of engineering and architecture – Vix Technology In what ways does your platform enable a reliable, dependable […]

Why the bus industry shouldn’t be afraid of brokers

Why the bus industry shouldn’t be afraid of brokers By Madeline Parks > Over time, bus operators have developed an understandable distaste for brokers in the industry. Many customers have shared horror stories in which they’ve booked through brokers and received the wrong type of bus, gotten a driver who wasn’t certified, been over-quoted for […]

Complete Coach Works pushes the industry forward

Complete Coach Works, Transit Sales International, Shuttle Bus Leasing and ZEPS offer a “one-stop shop” for operators to enhance their vehicles and operations By Richard Tackett “The beginning of Complete Coach Works was all about seizing opportunities,” says Dale Carson, now president of Complete Coach Works (CCW). After his father Dave sold his business to […]

Managing maintenance matters

In an interview with BUSRide, Ryan Harshbarger, Avail Technologies’ Fleet-Net® and business intelligence specialist, speaks about how technology enhances maintenance management, and how agencies can benefit by including maintenance managers as part of crucial decision-making processes. Avail Technologies, State College, PA, is a totally integrated solutions provider for the public transit industry featuring CAD/AVL, enterprise […]

How to knock out any roundabout

  Roundabouts are becoming more common throughout the United States, replacing the traditional intersection. They move traffic one-way in a counterclockwise direction, at slower speeds, and create fewer conflict points for potential incidents. Although some motorists appear perplexed when approaching a roundabout, many of the same general rules regarding intersections apply. When approaching a roundabout, […]

Palm Tran’s Upward Mobility Program puts employees at the forefront

  One of the most fundamental core values of the American dream is upward mobility — that is, the opportunity to climb up the corporate ladder. However, roadblocks can often hinder even the most ambitious employees from progressing. Take Christopher Love, for example. Love started out at Palm Tran as a bus driver, and while […]

Advancing accessibility in mass transit systems

John Walsh breaks down the problems and solutions of accessible public transportation BUSRide recently spoke with John Walsh, president and COO of Davey Coach Sales, Denver, CO, about the state of passenger accessibility in modern transit – and where the industry needs to go now. In your estimation, in what areas is transit accessibility deficient […]