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Financial solutions for 2013

Motorcoach operators must prepare for new lease accounting standards.

Opportunities abound in a niche market

Tour West America keeps Arizona winter visitors on the move and coming back.

Wanderu streamlines the search for intercity bus travel

Wanderu, a coach savvy company based in Boston, MA, comes equipped with the latest online technologies to further modernize ground travel.

Nothing regular about superlative service

Four Temsa TS35s serve a distinct niche for Jefferson Lines.

Motorcoaches are now in the loop

Indian Trails and MDOT bring a proven technology to hearing-impaired bus riders.

Is there a liquidity crisis in the coach industry?

What is a “liquidity crisis” and how it is affecting the coach industry and lenders like Wells Fargo Equipment Finance?

Celebrity Bus Drivers Academy opens doors this month

The Celebrity Bus Drivers Academy, a program Prevost, Sainte-Claire, QC, Canada, supports, again takes place May 16 in Nashville, TN.

Six ways bus fleets can save fuel

There is a tendency to think bus and coach fleets generally do not run fuel efficient, that operating a fleet of buses by nature is a high fuel-consumption vocation and there is just not much anyone can do about it.

CH Bus Sales and Temsa gel for 2012

The Temsa bus and motorcoach brands belong to Temsa Global and runs in more than 40 markets worldwide including Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Fires on the bus are a global concern

Statistics from the insurance sector show stricter requirements to install fire extinguishing systems in engine compartments can significantly reduce the number of total loss cases of fires in buses.