Byk-Rak announces new rack for wide-tire bicycles

Byk-Rak’s new wide-tire rack holds both standard and wide, or “fat,” tires. It is available in a variety of finishes.

Cyclists with wide- or fat-tire bicycles will now have an easier time of using public transit buses while getting around.

Byk-Rak is now supplying a two-position, three-inch, wide-tire rack for the front of public transit buses so riders can easily stow their bikes while riding the bus to the next destination where thy might continue their multi-modal journey on two wheels instead of four. The rack still also accommodates standard-tire bicycles, from adult-sized bikes down to smaller bikes, such as a children’s size with 16” wheels.

As with all of Byk-Rak’s products, the new rack securely holds its bikes in place, is lightweight, and easily raises and lowers with one hand. Riders can load their bicycles with ease from either curbside or the front of the rack, according to Ron Coon, Byk-Rak Vice President. Each rack carries 250 lbs. of static weight and supports bicycles up to 55 lbs. in each rail while the bus is in motion.

“Safety is important for both riders and drivers. Clear lines of sight and being able to load and unload without being close to traffic are paramount,” says Coon. “That’s why our racks do not block windshield wipers or access panels in the stowed position.”

To learn more about Byk-Rak LLC, a division of Midwest Bus Corporation, visit or call 989-729-5884.