Bus Fire in New Jersey Under Investigation

Trans-Bridge Lines is investigating a fire that occurred with one of its Eastbound buses. The incident took place on Route 78 East in New Jersey at approimately 6:54 a.m.

The Trans-Bridge Lines management staff are en route to the scene. All passengers and the driver were evacuated, and no injuries were reported. Other Trans-Bridge Lines buses have picked up the passengers and transported them to their destinations.

Trans-Bridge Lines will investigate the cause of the fire. At this time there are no indications from the onboard systems and sensors as to the source of the fire.

Trans-Bridge Lines is cooperating fully with authorities and are grateful to first responders who arrived on the scene to help with passengers and are working to extinguish the fire. Company executives are thankful that no one suffered any injuries during this incident and that all were able to continue to New York City.

Trans-Bridge Lines places safety as its highest priority, which is reflected by the company attaining the highest safety rating with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Trans-Bridge Lines will provide more information as it becomes available.