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A service network is a work in progress

web Prevost feat

Prevost continues to expand facilities, add providers and develop new technologies.


Four reasons to employ RTLS


It is difficult in today’s technology-driven society to imagine large transit operators relying on pen and paper to manually track the location of the buses in their fleet.


Don’t thump’em, measure that psi

Above: The Doran 360HD™ TPMS monitors tire pressure and temperature data through wireless sensors mounted in place of the valve stem caps on each tire. An indicator light mounted on the dash provides at-a-glance psi assurance.

The dangers of buses and motorcoaches rolling on under-inflated tires are no secret. Tires lose air pressure over time and proper gauging is time consuming, dirty, and often error-filled and sometimes painful, especially on inside duals.


Make the next step a Mash-Up

Apollo Jax 006 A

Transit agencies across the nation are getting creative in their integration of proven technologies that include WiFi and cellular networks, GPS, smartphones, surveillance cameras, accelerometers, motion detectors and software to ensure passenger safety and decrease costs and legal liabilities. Call it a mash-up.


Eliminate head counts by hand tally

Technology is improving the ride for passengers and simplifying management tasks for transit operators at a very rapid pace. Wireless communication and embedded systems such as monitoring diagnostics and advanced GPS services are the new keys to improved bus capabilities.


Technology alone can’t get it done

None of the good-to-great companies began their transformations with pioneering technology, yet they all became pioneers in its application once they grasped how it fit into the operation.


Techno-travelers need their toys


The prevalence of portable electronics appears to change the dynamics of how Americans make travel choices. So says the latest study from the DePaul University Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development Chicago, IL. Chaddick Institute Director Joe Schwieterman says in this day and age easy access to digital technology is an absolute must for the future success of public transport.


Red Carpet Charters offers a positive IT case study

From its three locations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK, and McKinney, TX, Red Carpet Charters and its fleet of 55 coaches move passengers throughout the United States and Canada. The company, a stakeholder company in the International Motorcoach Group (IMG), turns 25 this year.


E-mail newsletters extend the message

Marketers cannot jump on the social media bandwagon fast enough. Set up a Twitter account and start tweeting. Create a fan page on Facebook. Dust off the corporate blog and this time give it some real energy.


Daimler keeps its faith in fuel cells

The many innovations at the UITP conference and exhibition in June in Vienna, Austria, may have overshadowed the significance of the latest generation of fuel cell bus from Mercedes-Benz.

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