Wanderu streamlines the search for intercity bus travel

Craig Lentzsch

Wanderu, a coach savvy company based in Boston, MA, comes equipped with the latest online technologies to further modernize ground travel.  According to co-founder and CEO Polina Raygorodskaya, its services make life much easier for travelers to find and book intercity travel on buses and trains.

“Anyone who has ever planned a trip between two cities on a bus or train knows the stress and confusion that often incurs with trying to figure out schedules, pricing and connections,” says Raygorodskaya. “Finding and booking travel between cities still proves to be a big headache for consumers scouring the internet to find the best option.”

The rising cost of fuel continues to drive consumers by the droves to buses and trains for a less expensive and more eco-friendly alternative to driving and flying. Raygorodskaya says Wanderu has tackled this issue head-on by allowing travelers to search all of their options in one place on wanderu.com.

Confident in the service that Wanderu provides, former Greyhound CEO Craig Lentzsch accepted an invitation to serve on the Board of Advisors.

“Wanderu is truly simplifying bus and train travel by creating an intermodal system that connects the various carriers and forms of transportation in an easy to use search,” says Lentzsch. “In creating an environment which will connect travelers between any two points of the country, Wanderu is the first site to provide the complete ground travel experience, encouraging more people to leave their cars at home.”

With over 30 years as a leader in the bus transportation industry, Lentzsch is ready to help guide Wanderu founders Igor Branikov, Polina Raygorodskaya and Eddy Wong toward their lofty goals.

Wanderu says it is the first of its kind in ground travel search. The company is a partner with several bus travel providers to allow consumers to find and book bus travel between any two points in the country. For more information visit www.wanderu.com. BR

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