TSO Mobile Case Study: Sun Trolley – Downtown Fort Lauderdale TMA

Agency: Downtown Fort Lauderdale Transportation Management Association (DFLTMA)
Customer Since: 2013
Fleet Size: 14 trolleys
Service Profile: Local Fixed Route – Sun Trolley Wave N’ Ride system
Market: City/Municipal


The Trolley is administered by the Downtown Fort Lauderdale Transportation Management Association (DFLTMA), which is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization that has been serving Fort Lauderdale with community transportation since 1992.

Due to increased ridership and demand for alternative transportation, the TMA consulted with TSO Mobile on ways to enhance the overall rider’s comfort and experience while maintaining efficiency utilizing the latest technologies.


In August 2013, DFLTMA engaged TSO Mobile public transportation solutions towards an upgrade in mobility, functionality and communications of the Sun Trolley brand.

Real-Time GPS vehicle tracking , automated passenger counter [APC], computer aided dispatch [CAD] and automated vehicle location [AVL] systems were among the solutions suggested.

An added alternative streams of revenue was inserted through the onboard advertising system [OBAS].


1. Custom modules serving the TMA still supports experience increased productivity, improved dispatching, heightened levels of security, accuracy and reduced operations costs.

2. Delivered an excellent and sustainable product to Sun Trolley and DFLTMA for revenue generation and ridership.

3. The Sun Trolley Tracker features real time GPS tracking of trolleys, complete route schedules, fares, popular attractions, contact information and advertising from area businesses, including consumer discounts and promotions. Passengers started seeing the reliability of their public transportation system.

4. Customized modules installed, tested and fully implemented within 3 months.

5. Accurate passengers counters to count over 500 thousand annual riders.

6. TSO Mobile’s Driver Behavior solutions increased productivity through accountability.

7. Sun Trolley is celebrating 25 years in services in Fort Lauderdale this year!