TSO Mobile Case Study: City of Miami Beach – Art Basel

Agency: City of Miami Beach
Customer Since: 2014
Fleet Size: 22 Trolleys
Service Profile: Local Fixed Route
Market: City/Municipal


Art Basel is an annual week long event in Miami, Florida that exhibits over 267 of theworld’s leading Modern and contemporary art galleries displaying premier paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, prints, photography, film, video and digital art by over 4,000 artists.

Every year the allure of Art Basel and the warm South Florida December weather attracts a sophisticated international crowd of gallerists, artists, and collectors to the sands of South Beach. With the influx of tourists, attendees often complain about the standstill traffic in the in the area.

The City of Miami Beach currently has one designated North-South route offering free trolley shuttles connecting Miami Beach Convention Center to the to several locations in South Beach. Many stops are near municipal parking garages to encourage riders to park and ride to the different fairs.

Shortly after Art Basel begin, transportation officials from both City of Miami and City of Miami Beach recognized that there was an intense need for East-West bound trolley service to accommodate those riders wishing to attend the fairs in Wynwood and Midtown areas of the City of Miami.


The City of Miami beach had the opportunity to experience the advantage and flexibility of managing a customizable TSO GPS Tracking Solutions Platform .

Operators were allowed add a new East-West temporary route within a matter of hours toaccommodate the need connect riders from City of Miami and City of Miami Beach.

Among the services the City of Miami Beach uses are Real-Time GPS vehicle tracking ,automated passenger counter [APC] , computer aided dispatch [CAD] and automatedvehicle location [AVL] systems.

The East-West route connected Miami Beach to Midtown and a North-South routes ran between North Beach and South Beach helping passengers avoid traffic and conveniently find their destination.

Trolleys travelling between Miami and Miami Beach were scheduled to arrive every 15 minutes at each stop and the trolleys traveling within Miami Beach were scheduled to arrive every 30 minutes. All routes ran from Wednesday, December 2, 2015 to Sunday, December 6, 2015.


1. Free downloadable TSO Miami Beach App that provided the ease of free transportation at the touch of a finger.

2. With the TSO Miami Beach App users were able to view the arrival time of the next trolley, location of trolley stops and view entire trolley routes with real-time updates on the trolleys estimated time of arrivals.

3. Making the Trolley the best bet to swiftly getting around Miami and Miami Beach.