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FMCSA shuts down Virginia-based Advanced Ventures

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s FMCSA has ordered Springfield, VA.-based passenger carrier Advanced Ventures, LLC., to immediately cease all operations.

ABA joins U.S. Department of Transportation to celebrate Earth Day

When people entered the headquarters of the U.S. DOT today, representatives from the ABA, MCI and DC Trails were there to explain why motorcoaches are the “greenest” form of transportation.

LaHood, Ferro meet with motorcoach safety representatives

U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood and FMCSA Administrator Ferro met Friday with a group of motorcoach representatives as part of the department’s efforts to improve the safety of the industry.

U.S. DOT declares Top Class Bus Company an "imminent hazard"

The FMCSA has ordered Atlanta-based Top Class Bus Company, LLC, to immediately cease all passenger transportation services.

DOT announces immediate action to target higher risk passenger carriers

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro announced a safety crackdown that will focus on high-risk motorcoach companies.

U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood says he won't serve second term

LaHood says he plans to stay until a successor is confirmed.

FMCSA orders Mi Joo Tour & Travel to cease U.S. operations

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s FMCSA has ordered the Canadian bus company, Mi Joo Tour & Travel to cease U.S. operations.

US DOT advises motorcoach companies to prevent tire failures

Several recent incidents involving tire blowouts on passenger buses have prompted the FMCSA to take a closer look at the potential cause.

Transportation Secretary: $787 million to repair transit infrastructure

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today announced $787 million for modernizing and replacing aging transit facilities.

FMCSA announces results of 2012 Drug and Alcohol Inspection Strike Force

The FMCSA today announced that 287 commercial bus and truck drivers were removed from the roads as a result of the agency’s annual drug and alcohol strike force sweep.