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And now a word about punitive damages

Punitive damages are monetary damages not necessarily for the benefit or compensation of the plaintiff.

A mistake fuels a remedy

Learning from mistakes is time-proven and certainly beneficial if the undesirable outcome alters our behavior.

All eyes on driver fatigue

As I reflect back on recent safety initiatives while also looking ahead, two topics stand out in my mind: distracted driving and fatigued driving.

Driver training must include vehicle dynamics

I don’t know of many bus company owners who wouldn’t agree that we expect a lot out of bus drivers.

Differences and standards prescribe retrofit options

My last column [BUSRide, January-February 2010, Risk Management] focused on the decision many operators could soon face with regard to retrofitting seatbelts to the existing fleet. Such a decision will ultimately come down to several factors that include cost, restraint capabilities, customer demand and risk.