Sun Tran offers free shuttle for memorial event

Sun Tran in Tucson, AZ offered free shuttle rides for those who attended Wednesday’s memorial service for the victims of Saturday’s mass shooting. On Wednesday, all Sun Tran vehicles were driven with headlights on in memory of those killed and wounded and had “Together We Thrive” flashing on digital signs.

“As we come together as a community, I am so proud of the Sun Tran and Sun Van employees, including staff represented by Teamsters Local 104, who offered to volunteer their time to provide free transportation to this important event,” said Katrina Heineking, general manager of Sun Tran and Sun Van.

The remembrance was held at the University of Arizona’s McKale Center and featured President Obama and the First Lady, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, former Arizona Governor and current Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

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