Space Coast Area Transit launches its new SPOT™ intelligent transit system

ETA Transit is pleased to announce that its SPOT intelligent transit system (ITS) has moved into revenue service at Space Coast Area Transit in Cocoa, FL.

The SPOT ITS will provide the Space Coast fleet with a suite of powerful transit management capabilities, including the ability to configure routes, head sign codes, onboard announcements, blocks and interlines, and more through a web browser—in minutes, not weeks.

SPOT also provides robust reporting both in real-time and historical formats. These capabilities translate into the critical information that will drive improvements to Space Coast’s operations. Riders will benefit from hyper-accurate arrival predictions and bus location via SPOT’s public-facing tracking websites and mobile applications that take the uncertainty out of travel and provide improved trip planning and passenger feedback capabilities.

“The SPOT platform again shows its versatility for mid-sized transportation agencies,” notes ETA Transit CEO Nicole Castonguay. “Over and over again, operations like Space Coast Area Transit are turning to our ecosystem of highly adaptable, cloud-hosted transit technology systems that free them from high-cost, low innovation legacy providers. SPOT is the future of transit, and people are climbing on board.”

ETA looks forward to working closely with Space Coast to maximize the performance of the SPOT system and unleash the long-term potential found in its flexible, modular platform. The ease of expansion helps align SPOT’s performance with Space Coast’s business goals and enhances the passenger experience.