RTC receives more than $9 million in federal funding to further safety, sustainability initiatives

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) will receive more than $9 million in federal funding from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to advance safe and sustainable mobility options. This funding will allow the RTC to purchase hydrogen fuel-cell electric buses, conduct workforce development training, and install security measures at several transit facilities.

Approximately $6.7 million of the total funding received by the RTC is from the FTA’s Low or No Emission Grant Program, which helps transit agencies purchase and rehabilitate vehicles and related equipment while promoting equity and removing barriers for low income and minority populations through a safer, cleaner and more comfortable transit experience. This funding will further accelerate the implementation of RTC’s Zero Emissions Bus Rollout plan, enabling the RTC to purchase four 60-foot hydrogen fuel-cell electric buses and train its workforce to safely operate and maintain zero-emission vehicles.

“The RTC is thrilled to secure additional federal funding for Southern Nevada to help further its sustainability initiative. This funding will help grow innovative technology options that reduce harmful emissions while protecting the air quality and enhancing equity and accessibility for millions of residents and visitors,” said Henderson Mayor and RTC Chairwoman Debra March. “We are extremely grateful for the continued support of our federal delegation, who work tirelessly to assist the RTC in its efforts to improve mobility and the quality of life for all Southern Nevadans.”

The balance of the funding, $2.5 million, is from the FEMA Transit Security Grant Program. This 100-percent federally funded project will subsidize the installation of security measures at various RTC transit facilities, including bollards at the South Strip Transit Terminal (SSTT) and Bonneville Transit Center that help to protect critical transportation infrastructures and mass transit hubs for thousands of residents and visitors. The grant will also fund the construction and installation of electronic gates at the SSTT, enhancing safety for passengers and operators alike.

“The safety and security of our customers as they travel on our vehicles, within our facilities, and on our roadways is of paramount concern to the RTC,” said RTC CEO M.J. Maynard. “This crucial funding allows us to deploy safety measures that will provide a more secure travel experience for operators, transit riders, and pedestrians across our valley.”