Rob Mowat Strengthens Fleet Conversion Experience as Transportation Electrified Mobility Practice Lead

Rob Mowat

As more initiatives and grants encourage a zero-emissions transportation future, demand for electric cars, buses and trucks increases exponentially. To help transportation clients with their conversion efforts, Rob Mowat has joined HDR as the transportation electrified mobility practice lead. In this role, he will help HDR’s clients develop plans and integrate electric and other zero emission vehicles into their operations.

Based in Austin, Texas, Mowat will partner with transportation clients and HDR’s multidisciplinary teams to develop initiatives for fleet conversion and modernization of various modes of transport. With fleet conversion comes the need for coordinating infrastructure modernization. Mowat will collaborate and consult with HDR’s power market leaders to plan and deploy holistic, smart EV infrastructure programs.

“It doesn’t matter if the driving force is regulatory, societal or corporate citizenship, the transportation industry is accepting that Zero Emissions is a part of their future,” Mowat said.  “This new paradigm of thinking requires a fresh approach to planning, designing, implementing and operating. HDR will be the partner to help our customers navigate the ocean of information plotting a strategic course to successfully fulfill their communities’ needs.”

Mowat has spent 30-plus years in the transportation industry, beginning with managing transit systems throughout the West and Southwest United States. More recently, he worked with operating companies and heavy duty bus manufacturers responsible for diesel, CNG, hybrid and developing electric vehicles in the U.S. and Canada. Mowat brings expertise in new transit technology transitions and the successful deployment of fleet electrification and modernization. He is also a graduate of the prestigious Leadership APTA program.

“Electrified Mobility is an emerging field with daily innovations,” said HDR’s Transportation Technology Program Lead Ben Pierce. “Rob will be an invaluable technical and developmental resource to help our public and private sector clients manage risks as they plan for an electrified, zero emissions future.”