Q’STRAINT Acquires Adapt Solutions

Q’STRAINT has announced the acquisition of Adapt Solutions, an industry leader in mobility equipment, specialized in vehicle accessibility. The benefit of this acquisition will result in both companies expanding their reach to provide safety, comfort, and accessibility to those with limited mobility.

“Adapt Solutions’ corporate culture mirrors our own — making safety accessible,” Patrick Girardin, co-president of Q’STRAINT, said. “We’re thrilled for Q’STRAINT to be aligned with a company that we have long admired in terms of their people, their products and their mission. And ever since the launch of the LINK, we, along with the rest of the industry, have been impressed with such a transformative product and we feel very excited to bring Adapt Solutions into our family.”

“Both Q’STRAINT and Adapt Solutions thrive in their own personal space. Q’STRAINT will continue its focus on wheelchair passenger safety inside the vehicle, while Adapt Solutions concentrates on assisting people with mobility challenges entering and exiting their vehicles,” Julie Boynton, Q’STRAINT co-president, said.

“There is a clear synergy with customer focus and product philosophy between both companies, particularly in terms of commitment to safety,” Gina Lewis, CEO of Adapt Solutions, said. “I believe that together we will leverage our core strengths. The consumer will end up being the big winner with access to a wider range of industry leading mobility solutions.”

This release originally appeared on the Q’STRAINT website. You can view it here.