Obama tricked-out coach rolls through Midwest

President Obama now has something in common with Cher, Lady Gaga, Sarah Palin, Tom Hanks, Josh Groban and The Rockettes. All have been driven to destinations in motorcoaches customized by Hemphill Brothers Coach Company, Nashville, TN. Obama is finishing up a Midwest bus tour this week aboard a jet-black, $1.1 million, super-tricked out Greyhound-sized motorcoach. The bus is one of two the Secret Service purchased earlier this year. In the past, buses used for security had to be rented and retrofitted.

The curious can only guess at what the special motorcoach has inside, since the Secret Service refuses to give details of the coach’s design. According to The Christian Science Monitor, the coach is similar to the President’s usual ride dubbed The Beast; a Cadillac limousine built more like an armored tank. It is theorized Obama’s bus has cutting-edge technology, armor-plated sides, bulletproof glass, Kevlar-reinforced tires and is airtight to withstand even a chemical attack. From images on the Hemphill Brothers website, you can bet the interior features ultra-plush amenities that include luxurious floor plans, a full-sized bed stateroom and granite shower.

Here is what is known: The bus is equipped with a public address system that the President can use to address crowds as he rolls through a town. Also, if the Republican presidential nominee next year wants to go on a bus tour, he or she will be able to do so in one of these super motorcoaches.

— Glenn Swain