NFI Parts™ Releases Guide to Help Keep Customers Moving

NFI Parts has released a white paper guide to assist transit and motor coach service operators navigate re-starting or ramping up business while concerns about the spread of COVID-19 remain.

“We want to make sure that our customers, and their customers, are aware of the government and industry recommendations for making bus transportation safer amidst the pandemic and how to best implement them. There needs to be an industry-wide understanding of the options available, and the relative effectiveness of these options, in preventing the spread of viruses,” said Brian Dewsnup, President at NFI Parts. “We exist to keep buses moving to keep people moving and our top priority is to get people moving again, as safely as possible.”

NFI Parts has worked vigorously over the past two months to build a catalogue of offerings that will help its customers during these unprecedented times. During this development, guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Public Transportation Association, Canadian Urban Transit Association, American Bus Association, and United Motorcoach Association have all been considered.

“The NFI businesses have all been conducting a great deal of research into products falling into four primary categories for rider and operator safety: Distancing, Disinfecting, Air Quality, and PPE,” continued Dewsnup. “We wanted to consolidate and share that information to help our customers make informed decisions. There are many options to choose from while we combat the spread of COVID-19. The NFI Parts team wants to do whatever we can to help, and we feel that a high-level guide is a valuable place to start.”

The Four Pillars of Success:

  • Distancing – products that enable the driver to isolate from passengers and passengers to isolate from each other.
  • Disinfecting – products that kill viruses, bacteria, etc. on hard surfaces and in the air.
  • Air Quality – products that reduce unwanted airborne particulates, viruses, bacteria, etc.
  • PPE – products that are considered “personal protective equipment” such as masks or hand sanitizer.

The white paper guide can be found online at

NFI Parts is the parts arm of the NFI Group, providing replacement parts for New Flyer transit buses, MCI motor coaches, ARBOC cutaway vehicles, as well as the product lines for the previously acquired NABI transit bus and Orion parts businesses. Additionally, NFI Parts has extensive cross references for parts that are common with other bus, coach, and cutaway product lines. NFI Parts has a mature supply base and established relationships with over 1,000 suppliers.