NFI Parts, MCI debut patented proactive air and surface purification system

Earlier this week, Motor Coach Industries (MCI) hosted a webinar highlighting the company’s most recent product developments, including a detailed look at their brand new patented proactive air and surface purification system. The system is the result of NFI Parts’ deal with Eagle Disinfection Group to be the exclusive distributor of the Puradigm FLOW 100 system.

The roof-mounted purification system eliminates up to 99.9 percent of viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria, mildew, VOCs, mold, fungus, and odors. The fully contained unit replicates nature’s eco-friendly purification process utilizing natural air and humidity to produce high energy clusters (HEC) and advanced bi-polar ion oxidizers that destroy dangerous pathogens at the cellular level.

The system continuously disinfects up to 30,000 cubic feet, or approximately seven 60-foot coaches, helping to clean and disinfect both the air and surfaces in any enclosed environment.

According to MCI representatives, the compact, easy-to-install system is certified as safe to use in occupied spaces including offices and terminals and is validated by leading independent laboratories and health organizations such as the CDC, OSHA, FDA and EPA.

“There are no issues for exposed skin and the system is safe to run during vehicle service with riders and driver on board,” said Tim Barnes, sales director at NFI Parts. “It’s an eco-friendly process that’s been safely used worldwide since 2011.”

The product will be available in volume by mid-November and will be sold exclusively through MCI and NFI Parts.