Brad Thomas Named as Chair for the North American Transit Alliance

Brad Thomas

Brad Thomas, president of First Transit, has been named the chair of the North American Transit Alliance (NATA) by the board of directors. Thomas previously held the position of vice chair.

First Transit joined the North American Transit Alliance to help cities across North America promote innovative transportation solutions that ensure transit continues to deliver safe, clean and reliable mobility options.

Public transit has always been essential, but the need for transit to quickly adapt to the challenges facing North America has never been as evident as it is today. NATA will work diligently with public transit agencies to help shape a future where public transportation is personal, equitable and highly sustainable.

The other operators in NATA are Keolis, MV Transportation, National Express, RATP Dev and Transdev.

“The transportation industry continues to evolve with new technologies that create opportunities for more cost effective and dynamic modes of mobility,” said Thomas. “With our diverse range of experience, NATA’s members are well-positioned to partner with public transit agencies in building new, efficient and accessible operating models.”

In addition to promoting innovation in transit, NATA will advocate for its members’ workforces, which together account for 35% of the total U.S. public transportation labor pool, more than 154,000 total employees.

During the coronavirus pandemic, First Transit employees have been on the front lines across North America, providing transportation to first responders, healthcare workers, grocery store employees, and all other essential workers who rely on bus, rail, paratransit and shuttle services.

“A strong transportation system is needed for a community to continue to thrive, and we must invest in innovative transportation solutions,” said Thomas. “Millions of people everyday trust transit to get them to work, school, shopping, and to much-needed medical appointments. Innovation is key in order to take bold steps forward to reimagine how transportation is critical to the success of everyone in our communities.”