NFI Parts™ announces exclusive distributorship for Eagle Disinfection Group’s Proactive Air and Surface Purification system for bus and motorcoach

NFI Parts™, the parts subsidiary of NFI Group Inc. (“NFI”), one of the world’s leading independent bus manufacturers, has partnered with Eagle Disinfection Group, global distributor of Puradigm, LLC, to be the exclusive distributor of the Puradigm FLOW 100 system in the bus and motor coach market.

The FLOW 100 is a Buy America Compliant Proactive Air and Surface Purification system. It uses proprietary technology to create advanced purification by producing High Energy Clusters which are distributed throughout the interior of the vehicle safely sanitizing both air and surfaces, leaving behind no harmful residue.
Puradigm recently announced successful testing at the University of Florida showing its technology deactivates SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, as well as deactivating coronavirus 229E. More information on these results can be found here.

“We are extremely proud to partner with Eagle Disinfection Group to add Puradigm’s technology to our Clean and Protect product line-up,” said Brian Dewsnup, President at NFI Parts. “This solution is a fantastic option for our customer base. The unit runs while a vehicle is in service. This means there is no down time or additional cleaning during service; once it has been installed and the vehicle is running, it continuously disinfects while the vehicle is on the road.”

The unit is easy to install and can be placed anywhere on a bus or coach. It does not interfere with, or void warranties, on any other systems within the vehicle.

“The unique ability to run safely in the background is a huge advantage for agencies beginning to ramp-up or restart service as they work to create confidence in their ridership. Passengers will feel that the vehicle is a safe place to be,” continued Dewsnup. “We’ve seen amazing initiatives to increase cleaning and disinfecting over the past few months but removing vehicles from service to be sanitized throughout the day is not a sustainable solution; this will always be time-consuming and costly. The more we can do to keep buses and coaches moving, the more we can ensure riders have transportation options they can rely on; the Puradigm solution helps facilitate this.”

Puradigm, LLC offers proactive air and surface purification solutions which are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and that have proven to be safe, scalable and provide 24/7 protection to all indoor environments. Puradigm’s technology has patents around the world and has been validated by many testing organizations in the reduction of mold, bacteria, virus, and other harmful pathogens. The Puradigm technology is the most validated in the industry and can be customized for any indoor environment.

The strong partnership between NFI Parts and its supply network has resulted in inventory on high demand items to be available for purchase. Due to the popularity of the Clean and Protect products, customers are encouraged to reach out to their NFI Parts customer service representative as quickly as possible to minimize lead times.

More information on the Proactive Air and Surface Purification and other products on the NFI Parts
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