New H3-45s for All Aboard America!

Headquartered in Mesa, AZ with operations in Texas and New Mexico, All Aboard America! offers coach charters, scheduled daily route and express service in rural communities, as well as contracted coach services for park and ride facilities, casino runs, employee shuttles and custom contracts.

All Aboard America! has enjoyed an enduring relationship with Prevost since the company began purchasing coaches from the Canadian bus builder in the late 1990s.  Promising superior service, All Aboard America! remains steadfast in its commitment to continuously add to and replenish its coach fleet.  In keeping with that plan, the company is acquiring four 2019 H3-45s this year to add to their predominantly Prevost fleet.

All Aboard America! takes pride in its original and unique graphic design plans that ensure no two coaches will look exactly alike. “The most striking feature of these newest Prevost’s is their vibrant color schemes,” says General Manager, Eugene Thomas. “One is painted neon Lamborghini yellow; the other a rich metallic copper with our trademark flourishes that really add spice to our branding.”

In addition to the head-turning colors, Thomas says the all-new black wheel rims add to the “hot rod” look. “This touch is creating a lot of buzz,” he says. “We are just trying features we think no one has seen to this point.”

The new H3-45s feature the standard Prevost Electric Fan Drive. All Aboard America! was the first operator to demo the fan drive system prior to production  The company was so impressed, based on their technicians’ feedback, they decided to retrofit the fan assembly on a 2013 model H3-45.

All Aboard America! selected the new Sigma seat from Amaya as an option on the newly delivered coaches. “These seats are absolutely beautiful,” says Thomas.

A History of All Aboard America!
Henry Page launched All Aboard America! in 1936 as Potash Mines Transportation Company to transport miners to and from their jobsites in Southeast New Mexico. Miners rode in truck-towed trailers outfitted with pot belly stoves, vented by smokestacks inserted through the trailer roof, to keep them warm.

The next era saw Page’s daughter, Coradene, and her husband, Jack L. Wigley, form Industrial Bus Lines and expand operations into West Texas and Arizona. The two companies formally merged in 1971 and feeling a need for a fresh identity for its expanding array of services, they became All Aboard America! in 1989.

Third-generation owner Jack D. Wigley served as president and CEO and raised All Aboard America! to new heights. His announcement of his pending retirement in 2017 initiated the transition to the next generation, which has included All Aboard America! becoming a member organization in a consortium of six major motorcoach carriers strategically located in California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana.

Wrigley’s retirement also saw the changing of the guard when Eugene Thomas stepped up in 2017 to transition into the role of General Manager. Thomas joined All Aboard America! in 2007 as Director of Maintenance.

“I have worked in this industry for 22 years and have enjoyed working with Prevost every step of the way,” Thomas says. “Coming from the maintenance side of operations, I have always been impressed and appreciative of the dedication Prevost displays for product support after the sale – our downtime is minimal.”