New Flyer and TDC Announce Partnership Expansion on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

New Flyer of America Inc. today announced that it is expanding its partnership with the Transportation Diversity Council (TDC), a nonprofit organization providing world class education and development programs that promote diversity in the transportation and construction industries, to announce the forthcoming release of a national Community Benefits Framework (CBF) to be unveiled next month.

“On King Day, as we reflect on the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we remember his legacy not only for civil and human rights but also for workers’ rights,” said Dwayne Sampson, founder and CEO of the TDC. “In that tradition, TDC will lead the direction and implementation of this framework with the New Flyer of America team to expand upon the company’s foundation of providing good jobs with great support for recruitment, training and retention of those working in America’s advanced transportation manufacturing industry.”

The objective of the national CBF is to build upon New Flyer’s existing workforce diversity and workforce development model, and to administer local agreements with transit agencies, community partners and local agencies, all focused on unique community needs. The CBF will also focus on identifying, training and onboarding new hires at New Flyer’s Anniston, Alabama facility, with national expansion to other New Flyer sites to amplify workforce development benefits.

“Since 2013, New Flyer has provided our community with expanding employment and an exceptional place to work, investing over $50 million to date in upgrading, expanding and renovating its Anniston facility to be a world-class manufacturing operation and work environment,” said Jack Draper, mayor of Anniston, Alabama. “In addition to employing over 700 people today, New Flyer has actively supported our local community through investment, voluntarism and donations to support disadvantaged individuals. New Flyer has truly made Anniston a better place to work and live, and I am proud to call them one of our own.”

“While working at New Flyer, I’ve had the opportunity to enhance my career through skills development and training, along with opportunities to learn more about the transportation industry and methods to better meet the needs of our customers,” said James McKellar, engineering design manager with New Flyer, based in Anniston. “For the past eight years, I have experienced firsthand the benefit of New Flyer’s focus on improving its team and providing a better place to work. Our leadership is supportive, our team is involved, and as an individual employee, I feel included in the advancement and growth of our company. I am proud to work for New Flyer, and to build mobility solutions that help people across America arrive safely at their destinations.”

“We are so proud to expand our hiring, training and workforce development efforts alongside the Transportation Diversity Council with this new framework. Together, we will continue to build a workplace where every person can thrive with safe, stable employment in an environment that fosters greater diversity, inclusion and development,” said Janice Harper, NFI’s executive vice president of human resources. “As the largest employer in America’s bus and coach manufacturing industry, we will build on our 90-year legacy to continually evolve our workforce practices and local community support, helping team members to advance and grow.”

“The prospect of working in the transportation industry motivated me to turn my life around,” said Jason Webster, New Flyer acceptance and delivery specialist, based in Ontario, California. “I’ve been given a second chance at life. Having been previously incarcerated, the New Flyer and TDC partnership allowed me to start work readiness and life skills training, as well as empower me with financial planning. As a worker, I have been provided an opportunity to learn and grow, and to build a better life. I am so grateful for the opportunity with New Flyer and am excited about my future.”

About Transportation Diversity Council (TDC)

Transportation Diversity Council “is a 501 (C) (3) not-for-profit corporation” and is led by seasoned executives from the worlds of transportation, education and construction who are dedicated to ensuring that every individual and company has the opportunity to fully contribute to America’s future.

TDC was formed in 2010 to meet the growing need for leaders, technical professionals, educators and construction workers in the transportation and construction industries. Those needs can only be met by engaging and developing a large and diverse workforce. TDC reaches out to students of all ages to provide exposure to engineering and construction trades, provides development programs to individuals, companies and agencies to ensure that all talents are recognized and nurtured, and helps bridge the gaps between needs and opportunities for the entire industry.