Motorcoach OEMS Reach Out to Industry Suppliers and Stakeholders with GoFundMe Campaign

On behalf of the OEMs and operators who volunteered their staff, resources and funds to make the Motorcoaches Rolling for Awareness (MR4A) in Washington, D.C. on May 13th a reality, the event committee has agreed to launch a “GoFundMe” campaign. The campaign is designed to receive support that has been offered by numerous suppliers and industry advocates to offset the incremental costs incurred to make it a no-cost event for operator participants.

Overwhelming positive response from industry operators mushroomed the scope of the not-for-profit event quickly beyond what the all-volunteer committee team could finalize within a two-week window leading up to the rally, prompting the committee to secure a third-party media relations organization to augment efforts of all stakeholders including ABA and UMA. To date, thousands of dollars and man-hours have been generously donated by the self-formed planning committee. Additionally, a collective, herculean media relations outreach focused on local, state and national media coverage of participants and the event, including all forms of press and social media.

MR4A is not an association or entity, and the GoFundMe campaign will potentially allow the committee to funnel support dollars back to those who have incrementally invested in the event. This includes logistical costs such as on-site traffic support and equipment, subsidized parking and event fees, additional vehicles and support teams, etc.

The focus of creating “rolling awareness” is to culminate with the ABA and UMA jointly securing government support of $15 billion in grants and loans and modifications to Economic Injury Disaster Loan and Paycheck Protection Programs. The investments made by the committee member organizations are critical to the motorcoach industry’s long-term viability and ensuring public awareness to prevent the industry from being excluded from directed transportation industry relief efforts.

By participating in the GoFundMe campaign, contributors can show tangible support of the motorcoach industry. Operators who were unable to make the event or who were only able to bring one coach when they wanted to bring more are encouraged to consider investing in the industry by supporting this campaign at

To support individual operators and businesses, please visit “Motorcoaches Rolling for Awareness” where a “List of Rally Participants” can be found here: