Krystal Infinity buys assets of Krystal Koach

Orange County, CA-based Krystal Infinity has purchased nearly all of the assets of Krystal Koach, Inc. The deal is through a voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Krystal Infinity is an affiliate of the publicly traded Thunder Sky Battery, a Hong Kong-based maker of lithium-lon batteries and other products for the automotive industry. For more, visit

One Response to “Krystal Infinity buys assets of Krystal Koach”

  1. I checked out the Winston Battery website and see that under “products” they list a variety of vehicles – motocoaches, high-floor transit, minibuses, sedans,
    and even a motorcycle. However, it is unclear whether Winston manufactures the vehicles or the motive system. Winston is not listed as a bus manufacturer in China, so I am assuming they are making power packs for these vehicles. Is this the plan with Krystal Koach – build an electric body-on-chassis bus in the US?