‘Israeli war crimes’ bus ad sparks controversy

In the wake of Seattle’s Metro Transit accepting a bus ad alleging “Israeli war crimes,” a Jewish group on Tuesday vowed to run their own ad saying the Jewish state is the victim of terrorism. According to the Seattle Times, the controversial ad is from the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign and could be seen on 12 Metro buses as early as Monday. In response, the Los Angeles-based David Horowitz Freedom Center has submitted an ad to Metro Transit that shows a burning Israeli bus with the words “Palestinian war crimes – your tax dollars at work.” The group is asking Metro to place the ad on 25 buses. The Times reported that Metro received 2,000 e-mail messages concerning the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign’s ad, with the majority being negative in nature.

Metro officials and representatives of various Jewish organizations planned a meeting on Wednesday to debate the “Israeli war crimes” ad. For more, visit www.seattletimes.com.