Helping the bus industry increase operational efficiencies and reduce TCO through partnerships

LILEE Systems provides mobile connectivity solutions for the busing industry to enable robust passenger Wi-Fi for riders and simplify the onboard network design through consolidation. With their Smart Transportation platform, LILEE is helping the industry improve the operational efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership of technology onboard by:

  • Reducing multiple point systems to a single open platform that is easily managed from the cloud
  • Integrating back-end applications, data analytics and real-time reporting
  • Achieving high reliability and cost control with our policy-based connectivity management platform
  • Optimizing onboard camera and sensor data with a smart edge platform

LILEE leverages leading partners to offers passenger entertainment, operational and safety solutions that are integrated into their smart transportation platform. With rich gateway-to-cloud platform capabilities – built-in sensors and interfaces, software segmentation and isolation, embedded application integration and storage – LILEE’s partners can offer competitive solutions that are easier to integrate and maintain, resulting in efficiency gains and lower cost of ownership to operators. Download this brochure to learn more.

Cloud-to-cloud integration allows vendors to access data from the LILEE gateway’s built-in sensors, such as GPS or accelerometer, in the cloud, reducing complexity of the on-board network. “It is very valuable to be able to read the GPS location information from LILEE’s T-cloud directly”, said Ilya Rekhter, CEO of DoubleMap. “The integration was straightforward as both of our platforms support open APIs.”

LILEE integrated gateway with built-in compute and storage reduces the amount of hardware that must be installed, wired and maintained onboard the bus, simplifying the onboard infrastructure. Entertainment providers run their application right from the LILEE gateway’s application engine. Digital content such as movies, Sports, Music, TV shows and ads are also stored securely in the gateway so no additional hardware is needed. “With an onboard gateway capable of hosting and running our infotainment services including KloudStream, KloudEngage and KloudDisplay, we can offer a more competitive and attractive solution to our customers,” said Ravi Akireddy, President and Founder of Kloudspot.

Operators can use a shared connectivity infrastructure to power all their onboard applications to save on costs but not all onboard gateways are capable of isolating onboard applications resulting in passenger Wi-Fi interfering with operationally critical applications such as ELD. “LILEE’s connectivity platform provides true isolation between our ELD system and the other onboard applications,” said Tapan Chaudhari, CEO of TruckX, “with LILEE’s solution, we eliminated the interference that could result in malfunctioning ELD system.”

LILEE Systems continuously innovates, partners and evolves to offer integrated onboard solutions that increase operational efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership to operators. Contact LILEE Systems to learn more about their gateway-to-cloud open platform, their cloud-based management platform for mobile connectivity – LILEE T-Cloud, new partners in their ecosystem of onboard solutions, and their new flexible pricing models. Email us at or visit