Father tried to save family, tourists in bus hostage incident

Witnesses claim a Chinese-Canadian man sacrificed himself to help save the lives of his family and other passengers on Monday during a deadly tour bus hostage standoff in Manila, the Philippines. According to CTV Toronto News, 58-year-old Ken Leung, along with his 14- and 21-year-old daughters, were among eight Hong Kong tourists killed in the standoff. Reports say Leung lunged at Mendoza when the shooting began. Leung’s wife and 18-year-old son survived, although the son remains hospitalized. The Leungs were duel-citizens living in Hong Kong.

The episode began when former Manila police officer Rolando Mendoza seized the bus full of tourists with an M16 rifle and pistol. Authorities say the 55-year-old Mendoza held passengers hostage for 12 hours in an attempt to regain his job. According to reports, he had been accused of robbery and extortion, which led to him dismissal. After negotiations apparently broke down, Manila police stormed the bus and gunfire erupted. Mendoza was also killed in the hostage rescue attempt. For more, visit www. edmonton.ctv.ca.