EZ DISSAN Provides Tools Necessary to Deploy Critical Disinfection Programs for Ground Passenger Transportation Fleets

EZ DISSAN has partnered with Victory Innovations to become the preferred distributor for the ground passenger transportation industry using their cordless electrostatic handheld sprayers to achieve maximum disinfection and sanitization. These 2020 Sanitary Maintenance Distributor Award Winning sprayers are easily deployed and operated by transportation professionals in many applications including motorcoach, transit bus, subway train, light rail, airport transfer, transit stations, maintenance facilities, and administrative offices.

“Running a motorcoach and school bus business for over 35 years we understood the importance of getting it right the first time,” said Todd Campbell, President of EZ DISSAN. “That is why we partnered with Victory Innovations to ensure our clients can disinfect vehicles and facilities quickly with a piece of mind that award winning state of the art technology reinforced with environmentally friendly electro-statically activated disinfectant solution is being used to keep their customers and employees safe while out there on the road.”

Using bleach wipes or simple power washing is simply not enough these days. Electrostatic disinfecting is quickly becoming the preferred method to ensure safety. Delta Airlines and Marriott Hotels and Resorts are using cordless handheld electrostatic sprayers to reach all the small nooks and crannies that are normally hard to reach. San Francisco Muni and AC Transit are also using electrostatic sprayer technology to disinfect their buses.

EZ DISSAN is in final development of a mobile application that will track the date, time and location of every vehicle disinfection process, take driver and passenger temperatures as required and provide this data to transit managers and motorcoach operators. The mobile app also includes Department of Defense Carrier Passenger Service reporting functionality.  “We wanted to ensure our customers had the tools they needed to implement and maintain a successful disinfection program and the key to this success is accountability,” said Campbell. “Our mobile app will allow transportation professionals the ability to easily maintain the records they need to ensure a safe environment for their employees and customers.”

“We also feel that training is critical to the success of our clients’ disinfection/sanitation  programs and have created a library of materials that our customers can use to ensure their employees are performing these important processes correctly and efficiently,” said Campbell. “Training accompanied by accountability using our mobile app will also give our customers a competitive advantage in securing contracts and responding to bids.”  “When you have the best tools in the industry to ensure safe travel you should be recognized for your efforts understanding that safety comes first in the daily provision of ground passenger transportation services.”

For more information please visit their website at ezdissan.com.