GPS mobile apps and the AVA are taking transit to the next level

By Diego Capelluto

2016-10-busride-communicating_real-time_passengerTechnology has revolutionized the way that business is conducted in today’s world. With people constantly on-the-go, businesses are taking advantage of the ability to share and receive information as quickly and efficiently as possible due to advances in communication and information technology. One of the latest forms of continuously progressing technology is the real-time passenger information that can be communicated through different devices.

GPS Fleet Tracking mobile apps offer passengers the ability to view on a single screen the whereabouts of connected fleets in real-time. Time is important and this app ensures that passengers don’t waste a minute. Seeing and scheduling route navigations is clear and easy while frequently receiving updated information about current and historical locations through different map views. Location updates every 10 seconds plus turn by turn and Google maps provide a reliable map to view. The GPS Fleet Tracking mobile app also has the capability to manage vehicles from anywhere, allowing work orders to be placed and processed with the push of a button. This innovative app gives exact locations and information while provides agencies the power to communicate with riders about scheduling and timing with the GPS tracking of vehicles.

The most important tools of a GPS Fleet Tracking System are accessible at the palm of your hand with mobile applications. TSO Mobile is integrated with this system to allow fleet operators to track vehicles and entire fleets on the go with access to professional versions of web systems. As different updates and statuses arise, real time chat and messaging capabilities are accomplished as situations need to be reported. The application is easy to use with instant communication between drivers and operators that make solutions to problems or concerns easy and effective. The TSO Mobile “TSO Fleet Pro” GPS Fleet Tracking App may be downloaded from Google Play for Android phones and in the App Store for use on iPhones.

The Audio Visual Automated Announcer (AVAS) is an automatic announcement system that keeps passengers up-to-date about the vehicle’s location, routes and upcoming stops. AVAS complies with the ADA and is a great benefit for both visually impaired and hearing challenged passengers. A LED sign displayed at the arriving or departing stop provides information on the vehicle’s current location. Passengers can also call a number provided to hear the displayed information through an automated voice system or they can text a number to receive a text message containing the same information that is on the LED sign. The AVAS system can be updated remotely or locally via USB stick so information is always up-to-date. The passengers riding in Hollywood and Miami Beach, FL, are loving the mobile-app and AVAS because it’s convenient, informative and a reliable service they can use daily.


Diego Capelluto serves as director of public transportation for TSO Mobile, an innovative leader in mobile resource management and logistics products and services. TSO Mobile proudly announces its customizable ELD platform as certified by the FMCSA. PT Driver® mobile data terminals work along other transportation solutions such as Automated Passenger Counters (APCs) Audio Visual Automated Announcer (AVAS) and Anti-Bunching to promote good driving behaviors and increase productivity. Learn more at