Daimler Buses to feature Allison Hybrid System

Allison Transmission Inc. and Daimler Buses North America (DBNA) have inked a deal to provide Allison’s Hybrid H 40 EP model in DBNA’s Orion VII transit buses in 2011. The Hybrid H 40 EP is a two-mode parallel hybrid that operates automatically as a parallel hybrid or series hybrid. The system automatically adjusts ratios to operate at optimum power curves, in turn increasing fuel economy and performance. Allison’s Hybrid System is currently in about 3,500 buses and motorcoaches that travel an estimated 250 million miles a year. Daimler Buses North America is based in Oriskany, NY; Allison Transmission, Inc. is located in Indianapolis, IN. For more, visit www.allisontransmission.com.