Checker Bus streamlines operations with busHive

 The Client

One of busHive’s many satisfied customers is Checker Bus LLC, in Marquette, Michigan. Checker has a fleet of over 30 buses which include Entertainer coaches, Mini-coaches, Limo buses, trolleys, school buses, vans, SUVs, and of course, motorcoaches for weddings and tours across the upper mid-west. Checker operates their own garage with three full-time and one part-time technician who fully maintain the fleet, and the company is proud to have the highest possible safety ratings from the Department of Transportation.

The Challenge

General Manager of Checker Bus, Emily St. Onge, wanted software which covered all aspects of their operation. Her priorities were better scheduling, a more efficient way to quote and track payments, and a platform for their mechanics to manage the parts inventory and perform the scheduled maintenance for each vehicle.

The Solution


The perfect solution for Checker Bus was busHive. “BusHive improved our business as a whole. It has everything that we need to operate smoothly,” said St. Onge. “For example, our previous system didn’t have invoicing. BusHive exports to Quick Books, so I save a lot of time because the accounting and scheduling process are so much more efficient. The scheduling, especially, streamlined our operation completely. The billing feature allows an invoice to be sent directly from the software itself, versus saving it and attaching it to an email, saving a step.”

St. Onge is also pleased that busHive’s PC Miler software is an easy and extremely accurate way to quote trips. “It keeps track of mileage from one point to the next, and it uses our formulas to calculate our quotes. All we do is input the information that our customer gives us, and PC Miler provides a quote based on our formula. It’s that simple. PC Miler also generates directions from the itineraries inputted, which is beneficial to our drivers if they are unfamiliar with those areas.”

“These itineraries are very detailed,” said St. Onge. “Once we quote that customer’s trip, all the information is in the system, and we print the driver’s itinerary right from the quote. The information can then be emailed to the driver. Knowing that they received their trip information, that the directions are for commercial vehicles, and are as detailed as they can be, is great for our peace of mind.”


With busHive, the technicians have a way to keep track of scheduled maintenance and are able to maintain inventory to keep the buses in tip-top shape – a necessity for providing the on-time service and dependability that Checker Bus is known for.

Checker has about 25 drivers, and busHive’s personnel platform keeps track of driver’s licenses, medical cards, school bus safety cards, and other details that commercial drivers require to stay compliant. “We can run reports that tell us when things will expire,” said St. Onge. “We have three people in our office, and this is a huge help to them in keeping all of our drivers up to date. Our dispatchers have an easier workday, too, now that they can look at busHive’s color coded calendar, which will show driver and vehicle availability, as well as Hours of Service.”

The Return

What do St. Onge and the other employees of Checker Bus like best about working with busHive?

“This is a streamlined bus reservation system with plenty of features to help keep a motorcoach business running smoothly. It has everything we need in one place, including sending notifications via email or within the software for deposit dates, final payment due dates, and personnel requirement expiration dates.”

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