CCW Delivers First Newly Developed HVAC Systems in Montebello Bus Lines’ New Flyer Buses

Complete Coach Works (CCW) recently announced it has begun delivery of buses to Montebello Bus Lines. The contract calls for the installation of CCW’s refined HVAC system into 35 Montebello Transit New Flyer buses.

In 2018, a full redesign of the HVAC system was developed as a lack of available components to repair the AvantAC system had caused an increasing inability to service it. CCW’s HVAC system will not only utilize readily available industry components but will also incorporate a streamlined control logic system that was developed in-house. By providing alternative parts that are readily available, the major system components will operate for a considerably longer period of time without the need to replace the entire unit.

“Complete Coach Works is extremely excited to be given the opportunity to install our HVAC system into Montebello’s fleet,” Kevin O’Brien, general sales manager of CCW, said. Our HVAC system has already proven to be successful in Las Vegas, NV, a city that experiences extremely hot weather. We have worked on several projects with Montebello and are confident that this project will have a successful outcome. We look forward to completing this retrofit and are grateful for the opportunity and continued partnership.”

CCW’s air conditioning solution will benefit Montebello and its passengers by contributing to a comfortable experience.

“It’s rewarding to know that our pioneering efforts and continued success in advanced technology are making an impact in the transportation industry, and we cannot wait to demonstrate it to other agencies,” O’Brien said.