BISC/BusMARC Webinar Series: Managing Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Fatigue Risks

As part of their ongoing Virtual Safety & Maintenance series, the American Bus Association hosted an educational webinar on Jan. 12, titled Managing Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Fatigue Risks.

The webinar was presented by senior highway crash investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Mike Fox. The NTSB is responsible for launching post-accident investigations following fatal accidents and makes recommendations to the industry as well as the government on what steps can be taken to avoid similar accidents in the future.

The webinar addressed why and how companies can implement a fatigue risk management program (FMP), reducing fatigue-related accidents, and tips on learning from past accidents and severe crashes.

Fox discussed topics including how to determine fatigue as causal, highlighting crash investigation, investigating fatigue, the importance of FMPs, implementing FMPs, North American Fatigue Management Program, and an update on board products.

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